Beatles Collectibles

by Beatles Fan on January 26, 2010

Beatles memorabilia and collectors' items have only increased in value over the years as certain items become harder and harder to find as time goes on.

Ever since Beatle Mania began in the '60s the Beatles were cemented in pop music culture and history.  Along with the music, stories of the band's performance on The Ed Sullivan Show or their landing in New York for their first American concerts have been passed on to later generations, leaving fans young and old longing for the nostalgia that comes with owning a piece of Beatles history. Few groups or musical acts have maintained their fame and popularity in such a way as the Beatles have since their break-up in the 1970s.

From board games to records to autographs, you can be assured that somebody owns it and for the right price, it can sit on the shelf with your very own stockpile of Beatles collectibles.

Records seem to be the most common and most sought after of the Beatles memorabilia. Recently in London, a mint condition White Album was sold for 20,000 pounds, or almost $35,000 in American dollars. As with any other band, the better the condition of the record, the higher the price. While perfectly kept and less common albums can sell for thousands, an album showing its use sells for much, much less.

Another deeply desired item of Beatles memorabilia are autographs. Fans have an insatiable want for anything touched by John, Paul, George, and Ringo, causing some autographed pictures to sell for thousands of dollars on sites like EBay. Experts like Frank Ciazaao and Gary Hein have spent decades studying the handwriting of the four members and suggest you check with them before spending big money on an autograph.

Besides the traditional memorabilia of records and autographs, there are dozens more items sold, traded, and passed along by Beatles collectors. Remco dolls, brushes, lunchboxes, buttons, board games, calendars, and t-shirts are just some of the licensed Beatle merchandise. While under Capitol Records, the Beatles agreed to have their faces plastered all over the world. In the midst of Beatle Mania, it wasn't uncommon to wake up to your Beatles alarm clock, throw on your Beatles t-shirt, put on your Beatles watch, pack your Beatles lunchbox, go home and play your Beatles board game with the family, and go to bed resting your head on your Beatles pillow and curled up under your Beatles comforter. The massive amount of Beatles collectable items has caused a need for stores to be available to sell or barter memorabilia.

One such store is From Me to You in Liverpool, England. They sell all licensed memorabilia and guarantee that all items are official Beatles, Apple, or Yellow Submarine merchandise. Not only that, but they offer a "Beatles Map" taking you on a tour of Liverpool as the Beatles saw it. Fab Four Collectibles has a showroom in New York City and requires an appointment to see the memorabilia they have.

Conventions are another popular place to purchase Beatles memorabilia. BEATexpo is an annual Beatles convention held in the United States. This day long convention features Beatles music, videos, and of course, lots and lots of vendors selling their own Beatles items. Always be on the safe side, though, and check your merchandise with a reputable vendor before making that big and finalized purchase.

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